Around the year 2000, I accidentally discovered creative writing and loved how it challenged me in new ways. At that time I was half way through my three-year Chemistry degree at the University of Manchester, and comfortable. Four months later, I was at Watford College starting my Advertising & Marketing degree.

Throughout my career I have constantly adapted. From working in the markets of Europe (London & Manchester), MENA (Dubai & Oman) and APAC (Singapore), to experiencing the industries of Pharma, Web Dev, Retail, Recruitment, B2C and B2B, it’s been an incredible journey of learning that continues today.

Currently, my home is Accenture.

As one of the founding members of Accenture London’s Creative unit, my sole focus is to grow Accenture’s business through new, strategic partnerships and acquisitions. I helped grow the in-house creative department, where we develop creative strategies that add value and vision to best position Accenture as the preferred partner of choice. In FY 19/20, our team helped acquire over $1.1 Billion in revenue for Accenture with a 75% win rate.

Yes, life’s a pitch.