Creative Director

Creative Direction is not just a skill, but a skill set of responsibilities. Starting with the big picture, not the big idea. 

This can come from anyone on the team. For me, a CD is there is to help apply ‘big picture’ thinking that the team can learn from.

I have two work approaches; zero ego and people first.

Zero ego

Everyone has the right to express themselves and their ideas. As Creative Director, my job is not to always have the best idea, but to bring the best out of my team. This means helping to create a positive, nurturing environment where communication is open and honest. 

From leading teams to delegating when necessary, together we identify the strongest ideas and then work together to build the story. And, of course, I prefer getting my hands dirty more often than not.

People first

Whether it’s building a team, team management, mentoring, facing clients or speaking, I’m fluent in people. As mentioned, this is my greatest passion and, since 2013, have invested much of my time in the development of future creative leaders.

I also believe that timing is everything, and though team empowerment is a constant effort, it falls on my shoulders to assess when the right time is to actually delegate responsibility to individual creatives or teams.


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